A new way to commission software

We start every new engagement by gathering requirements. We find out what you want built and how it will fit into your business. We want to get to know you and how you operate. We plot out the major milestones you will need to see to know there is positive progress. And we'll quote a monthly retainer fee that will cover all development and maintenance work.

Unlike a fixed-asset project, like outfitting a storefront or furnishing an office, designing and producing business software should be a process of improvement and perfection. We don't quote a fixed fee for a set amount of work and then take months to deliver it. That is the industry's standard operating procedure and we're opposed to that approach. We expect to deliver a working prototype quickly, get feedback quickly and to iterate through many improvements and changes quickly.

We work to your schedule, not the other way round. We deliver something concrete as soon as possible and grow it under your direction. Give us as much feedback as you need. We build it, we improve it, we maintain it but at all times you own the code, the designs, the plans and documentation. It's your project, we're just here to make it a reality.

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