Case Study

Cracking software monopolies in the shipping industry

ECS Shipping are a respected firm in the global shipping industry specializing in the complexities of freight management. Complex supply chain operations are what make ECS a trusted global operator.

From container ship to cargo plane, warehouse to truck, door-to-door movement of goods - ECS are experts in their field.

They got there depending on software packages that were industry stalwarts. Names familiar to anyone in the shipping business, software that could be relied upon. But the market for shipping software is small and over the years ECS watched as big player swallowed up small upstarts. Over time a few heavy hitters ultimately dominated the marketplace.

These firms ultimately sought out ways to strengthen and capitalise on their entrenched positions. They branched out from inventory management to billing and CRM packages. And they locked shipping firms into multi-year licensing contracts.

The behemoths sought to exploit their high-ground, they charged high fees and their software became bloated with features.

ECS wanted to find a better solution.

They approached us and asked about custom inventory management. They understood the business requirements of logistics and needed guidance on the logistics of writing software.

Flexible rules were at the core of ECS's operation. Different behaviors for different clients. Once that was understood and detailed we could start to codify the framework that ECS needed. The rest was bean counting, accounting for each and every pallet, box and shipment.

With our help ECS replaced their warehouse management software, which was costing them thousands of Euros each month. The new software was faster, cheaper and tailored to what they needed. Streamlined.

Next we helped build out their billing system, enabling them for the first time to take payment from clients without the privilege costing them.

As we developed software to help their business they found new areas that needed attention. The most recent being an efficient and simple file management system to keep their various offices in sync and up to date.

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