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At the heart of MMC is our interest in technology and how it intersects with business. There is an expression used a lot these days, "software is eating the world". It is incredibly true. Everyday industries are being transformed by software and we've been instrumental in making this happen in more than a few.

We began in 2008, a small group of developers and designs intent on solving real-world problems using technology. We've had the pleasure of working with some truly inspirational clients - and have developed solutions for the desktop, the web, for mobile and the cloud. We try not to be tied too closely to any one particular technology or approach, we let the problem-space inform the solution as much as possible.

We have a slightly unique approach to software commissioning, a business model that has evolved over time and has proved itself well suited to the rigour of modern software development. You're invited to read more about it on the Work with Us page.

Some of our recent client work is showcased on the Portfolio page. Much of our work is online, some is published in mobile app stores and some is custom software running on hardware devices deployed in the field.

If you have a software idea that can push your industry forward, a logical evolution or a revolutionary concept - let us know and we can start a process of discovery to figure out what's right for you.

Work with people who know your business needs to come first, that software is a means to an end and who know how to deliver on commitments.

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